Monday, 20 February 2017

Meet the new Tutti in town

Well well well, it's been a while since I've been able to post on here, unfortunately life has gotten in the way so many times but from now on, I WILL make time to try and get at least one post every two weeks!!

Now onto the blog post!

Myself and Cha from Large Cup Lingerie are back at Moda and looking a the different collections coming this Autumn Winter season, and I am starting my Moda posting off with the Tutti Rouge styles s well as their new range "Rougette"

Now Tutti Rouge are the brand I first review we'd on my blog, the Lilliana has come out in so many colours since that very first pink colour. My very first blog post! Looking back at this at point would have upset me because I was a little slimmer back then but having gained weight I have gained some confidence which is mainly due to the fact that there are so many people promoting body positivity (still some nasty people out there) but the vast majority are.

Now onto the new pieces from Tutti, now my favourite is the Talia, the abstract floral print stands out so well against the black background of the bra, and the plunge style looks like it will be a good style that will work for people of different shapes and sizes.

The Minx is my second favourite, due to the fact it comes with a pair of high waisted bottoms and I do love a good pair of high waisted pants! 

Lastly I have a thing for bralettes at the minute, although in most if I want to to wear them out the house they do need a bra underneath as they don't tend to offer a lot of support, the Elvie is an all over lace padded bralette which is so soft to the touch and looks amazing on all the promo pictures I would be amiss not to like this one.

Now onto the new line, the only style from the main Tutti line to go up past a 38 band has been the Lilliana, Jessica the Founder of the brand has listened to the feedback from customers and has expanded back sizes by creating the new range "Rougette" which launches July 2017.

One colour way/print which we have a seen a lot today is leopard and the Erica is one of my favourite pieces seen today, the shape is slightly vintage and the finishing details are something that Tutti always manage to get right, plus the briefs are again high waisted which scores big ticks across the board for me!!

Lastly the piece in which Cha liked is the Ashley, which is a stunning shade of blue (cannot say exact shade but the blue was was nice and bold!) Another bralette, which will have an extra lining from the sample we saw today.

Now I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the Sukki in the Ivory which will be out around April time, (no photo of this one though) The caging is detachable and will work well under my everyday workwear white shirts!
I do hope I will be able to get my hands on some of the styles mentioned in this post, if there any tutti pieces you'd like to try please let me know and I will try to get my hands on them and puts something up.

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  1. I love the lace, it's adorable! You look absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing.