Monday, 15 August 2016

An Invitation To.........

This has been a long time coming but I'm finally able to start to look at reviewing the Dear Scantily pieces I have been collecting, in the terms of Pokemon I gotta catch them all! Because let's face it the pieces they are putting out are amazing, highly detailed with beautiful fabric choices, carefully crafted, and each piece has is rose gold S stamp of approval! 

Let me introduce you to the Invitation set, in the pink/black colour way from the very first season of Scantilly, this is pretty much a style unheard of for those of us larger chested ladies, a Demi cup?! 
The tantalising shape of this makes it pretty difficult to be an everyday bra but it's just too pretty to be put to one side and only brought out for specials occasions. Having brought this when it first came out it took me a little while before I wore it out, the pants are still yet to be worn outside other than for a photo shoot with the amazing Nicola at My Boudoir but it still is a firm favourite for me.

I have the bra in a 32HH which fits me perfectly, if a little snug when it gets to that time of the month! But the cup is perfect, a giving uplift and coverage yet being seriously sexy and giving you the 'on a platter' look. The fabric feels amazing to tough so soft and satiny, and the intricate details including intricate lace work on the cups, and rose gold on the straps as well as on the signature 's' on the bow in the centre of the bra as well as all matching bottoms. For those thinking about trying this I would recommend sticking with your regular size, because while you may feel like you are falling out, that's the effect this bra is going for. For instance wearing it for the Moda Party this week I felt like I was flashing everyone! But I was completely covered and encased the entire evening, even with a bit of dancing involved (sat down dancing but it still counts!) 
(Please do excuse the toilet in the background!) 

(And please ignore any funny faces I may be pulling!)

Now onto the bottoms, I chose the pants which were a little risky and provocative as they have a rather large hole in the derrière! I think the brand refers to them as the bare faced brief,

The pants seen here in one of the fabulous photos taken my the lovely Nicola at My Boudoir, (hair and make up Sarah Elliot) they are a little on the small side (not size wise though) for someone who is used to a larger pant, let' me honest I am a lover of the so called 'granny pants' I just prefer to wear something that goes a little higher up on my body and I can't help it! That being said although these do not go up to me waist they are ok to wear and they don't dig in and leave marks, for size reference I got these in a large, I think I could have size down to the medium. 

Overall this set is surprisingly one of the comfiest sets I own, whilst being highly sexy and giving me one hell of a boost in confidence! Not one I can wear daily, but still a great piece to have as an option. 

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