Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Just Janey

My sincere apologies that this has been a long time coming! My work life has taken over and not left me with much time to wear and review my other pretties, too many people are eating out! (I work in a restaurant) But I have a day off so here is my first review of the summer season! 

I'm starting with a piece that caught my eye at Moda last August, Tutti Rouge were bringing out the Janey who is this bold, bright and beautiful, and very much like a bikini as I remember mentioning to Jessica Tutti's Creative Director.

Now my first attempt was a 34HH and the shorts in a large but I quickly discovered the bottoms were a tad too small and the bra on the big side, so a quick snap of some photos and I emailed them across to tutti towers and we decided that I would ship them back and get some different sizes.

About a week later the 32HH bra and XL shorts arrived and they both fit wonderfully! My favourite set of the year by far! 

The bra band is spot on, a nice firmness which I can see lasting for a very long time, and the cups whilst being a little more east vs west than I am used too it it still a great shape for me and really does work under the majority of my clothes. 

The XL bottoms also fit so well, the coverage at the back is great my whole butt is covered, and there isn't a high amount of muffin top digging over the top, I would prefer them to be a little higher waisted but thats because that is what I prefer these days as it is what I wear on a day to day basis but I can still wear these and be very comfy. 

This is such an eye-catching set, even though it isn't a bikini, it still could worn for maybe sunbathing in your back yard, I know I would if I had the time too ;) it's too good to keep hidden away! 

*Bra costs £39.50 and is available from the Tutti Rouge Big Cartel Store as are the shorts and they are £19.50*