Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Surrender to Scantilly

Kicking off my Moda posts this time I am starting with a brand that was a little under wraps last time round, a small collection has gained a few pieces and is slowly coming out of it's shell and what a shell it is!

Scantilly come from the people behind Curvy Kate, and is pretty much the naughty older sister and when I say naughty I really mean it! These pieces are not for the faint hearted, there's peek a boos, bottomless briefs and even something that can leave you all wrapped up. 

The Scantilly brochure is a prized possession, each piece comes with it's own story, with each day bringing about a new parcel for our lovely model Lottie, who makes the pieces look amazing. 
 Seeing the pieces brought to life on the lovely Laura Butler this time (Last Moda we saw Lottie) 

I'm going to start with my favourite piece, having seen Peek A Boo in black in AW15 seeing it in red I fell in love right away, red is a favourite colour of mine I knew I HAD to have this, (I've even joked that I will be stalking all the sites selling it and if it sells out before I can get it I'll make my way to Scantilly offices and beat their door down! I love it so much) 

So unfortunately the colour isn't as showing as much as it should do in my photos, its an amazing vibrant red, (see end of the post for the black version out in AW15 on Lottie)

Onto the cheekier side and the AMAZING bottom! See why they called it Peek A Boo?! Now this may not be too everyone tastes but if we are being completely honest these aren't your everyday briefs, the set does come with briefs that do have a covered bum, for those times where you need to cover yourself but for those cheekier moments I think these will be perfect.

Next for the season is the AMAZING real demi cup Invitation, I say real demi cup because it very low so would defiantly not be a bra for everyday purposes as they could be a hint of nip (as Laura said) 

This was an accidental shot! But I think it's perfect ;)

The exquisite detailing on this set is what sells it for me the lace is amazing, soft and perfectly matched to the pink satin of the cups and then the rose gold 'S' are all it need to give it elegance yet sex appeal.

Finally a piece to Surrender yourself too, 

The last piece in the new collection includes a basque to figuratively die for, rose gold embroidery and a harness type strappy detail along the top of the cup, I think this is going to be a big seller for the brand and I do wonder if thats the aim with the piece. 
The collection itself screams decadence and seduction, it's nice to see styles like this in these sizes, Scantilly is limited to 30-38 DD-HH and bottoms are S-XL but please this is a new brand only just coming out this AW15 (the three styles mentioned in this post are SS16) 
And the marketing strategy is genius, within the elusive brochure each piece in each part of the collect so AW15 starts on Monday and is about a parcel of delectable underwear being delivered each day from an unknown sender, and we are hoping to figure out who the sender is, the story makes it's way to Saturday where in the SS16 collection where #ScantillyTales will take place and a competition to finish the story of Scantilly will happen. I shall post more details on this when the time arrives. But for now, which pieces are people looking forward to? And more importantly what do you ladies think? Would you wear any of the pieces? 

(here's a quick look back on AW15 with Peek A Boo in Black, Pounce and All Wrapped Up) 

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  1. Lottie looks lovely in the Curvy Kate "Scantilly" lingerie set. Although I generally prefer full coverage high-waisted panties to wear, model and review myself, I can easily envision certain occasions when the more cheeky bottom would be desirable. I don't feel confident enough to model this set but am tempted by it. The embroidery on the Curvy Kate "Scantilly" bra is beautiful and #ScantillyTales is intriguing.

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