Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Moda Chapters Part One

Tutti Rouge

'Kiss and Tell' is the next instalment from Tutti, following the 'High Hopes' which is about to start making it's way into shops now. The 'Kiss and Tell collection includes some pretty bright bold and fun colours with a storyline inspired by 'Frivolous Fun' as well as 'The Thrill of The Chase!'

Tutti has their set styles which are their core collection, and what a collection they have, ranging from the half padded plunge in 'Lilianna' to 'Nichole' the non padded semi sheer bra, soft and satiny belongs to the padded plunge 'Beatrice' and Padded balconette Betty, lace comes in the form of 'Fifi', and new to the group is 'Jessica' the non padded plunge with added cleavage 'cookies' 

All of the colours for AW15 are bright and eye catching for instance,
 Beatrice in Emerald/Noir is my stand out for this collection, I adore green and it's a rare sight to see green in the fuller bust lingerie market so this has me pretty happy and I can't wait for it to wing it's way into my house. As we've all come to know and love it has the detailing we have come to in a way expect from the brand, the small touches that make it a Tutti piece.

Next comes Nicole who I must admit when first came out I didn't really take a shine to but this Cobalt Noir I'm fawning over I love the shade of blue it's seemingly a slightly darker royal blue than often seen, but a really great shade and something different from black. 
I will admit I didn't take a photograph of the Emerald/Pink colour way, but the colour is exceptional just like the colour of the beatrice, and the pink is so different it clearly stands out. 
Seeing the creme up close is nice too and the creme is a continuity colour for this style.

Liliana's bright colour this coming season is Magenta/Scarlet a lovely bold pink with sharp red ribbon detailing. This is a style I get along well with due to the plunge shape and the stretch lace at the top. I think it's an excellent shape for nearly almost all sizes and the plunge gives a great hint of cleavage without being too over the top!

This bright Scarlet beauty is Fifi an unpadded balconette with wild animal bows and an adorable keyhole in the briefs. The added impact for Fifi is the bra is sheer adding to the impact of what could be a plainer looking bra into something which is quite cheeky and creats a touch more 'sex appeal' 

Another Balconette style for the brand is Betty who is in the luxurious floral printed satin fabric, contrasting teal leaves with different shades of pink with added frills on the band of the bra and along the top of the cups. This version of Betty is far cry from the original which came in a cream colour while was still had a floral pattern the colours in this make it stand worlds apart.

Lastly is the Jessica, the newest weapon in Tutti's arsonal, the non padded plunge with uplifting 'cookies' to put that little extra umph! The nude and black colour way makes me think this is smouldering and the hints of red in the details just adds a little extra. This is described in shoe terms by Tutti as being 'The Platform' not something for everyday but something that adds a certain 'wow' to an outfit, and I really think this will.

Another strong season for Tutti Rouge, I feel each yeah they are becoming more and more well know and well loved by the masses, some of the prints styles and colours make me think of the underwear in high street stores which would never fit me but I would always really want to own, and now I can own something better! A Tutti set that will fit and flatter me! 

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