Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Brand That I Started With

One brand I couldn't wait to see was the lovely Tutti Rouge, they are the brand I reviewed first, we came out around the same time so I tried to make a point to try as many of their styles as I could get my hands on (which as it turned out to be not a lot) But I have always admired and kept a close eye on what they planned on bringing out, so checking out their SS15 line at Moda made me vow to try harder and get my hands on more styles because what I saw from a growing brand was in my eyes a game changer. 'High Hopes' is pretty much my favourite collection seen at Moda. 

Starting with my ultimate favourite, Tallulah Tattoo, a half padded balconette with a tattoo print on a cream base, now being a tattoo fan this is adorable and the stand out of the bunch. The details in which Tutti seem to pride themselves on are ever present, cute bow details and the 'High Hopes' logo in the print, they always think of everything.

Now another Tallulah is Sunrise, it seems one of Tutti's colours for next year is Yellow and while I may not go for it personally I do love it mixed with the pink, it is defiantly summery as well as a pick for the season.

One of the fashion colours for the Liliana is yellow with pink detailing which I think can be used as a mix and match with the above Tallulah Sunrise.

Another big favourite of mine is Janey, she's bright bold and beautiful, at first I thought it was more of a bikini print but as a summer set it works, and I can see it as one that might end up being shown, because something this pretty should not be kept hidden under clothes! (Not an excuse to walk down the street in your underwear apparently!) And the short have some adorable ruching which works so well.

Also coming out next year will be more colours in the Nichole and Beatrice, as well as a 'pacific blue' and 'hibiscus blue' Liliana. 

What I love about Tutti is their ability to mix fun bold colours with practical styles and each line comes with it's own storyline, making them in a league of their own. It's a brand that brings out the utter girly girl in me and I love it! 
And I also have a new adorable mirror to keep in my handbag! (The sweets were eaten on my train home) 

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