Friday, 12 September 2014

Spring Into Step With Curvy Kate

In this short series of posts I am going to be showing you sneak peaks at what is to come next year from some of the brands I love, I've spent a day at Moda in Birmingham looking at and cooing over some amazingly beautiful pieces of lingerie and I am going to start my round up with Curvy Kate.

Now even though this brand can be a bit hit or miss with me, after speaking with Hannah and some of their other staff what's to come might actually be a great turning point (unless your my wallet!) having tweaked some of their designs due to customer feedback I'm very excited at the prospect of trying as many of the styles for next season as I can!

Starting with a style similar to one I have tried before, Cascade is a style which looks a lot like the Gaia, having listened to the feedback the brand tell me they have altered the fit slightly, making the shape better overall, having somewhat flattened the top part of my breasts the last time I tried it I was happy to hear that they had looked at this and changed something in the design that will hopefully stop this happening. The colour way for next year also excites me, the bold and bright turquoisey blue is great for summer as it's nice and vibrant.

(Please excuse my photos, the lighting is all off and doesn't quite bring out the colours as great as they were in person) 

Another stand out for me is the Bardot, which comes as a balcony bra as well as this beautiful babydoll, the thing I love about this and I made a point to ask about is the sheer cups, they are sheer for all sizes. Which is great! I find that most other brands tend to add an extra lining to their sheer cups which makes them out to be a completely different bra, in my opinion. This not having that addition lining is nice to see. The intricate embroidered detailing at the top in a lovely violet colour adds another dimension, and the satin edging at the bottom is a nice finishing touch. 

My last big favourite on the Lingerie side of Curvy Kate is the Arizona, now this is based on the daily boost (big big big fail on me) but as with a lot of their styles they have worked on the niggles and slightly altered (it does still look a little wide for me, but i will still try it) I love the denim look and the spotty edging is a fun little addition. So I really do hope this one will work for me! 
(And Lottie looked amazing in it, as she did everything I got to see her in!) 

Now a couple of swimwear pieces I liked, I haven't reviewed any swimwear yet, mainly because I can't swim but I just haven't really found anything that I really love to want to give it a go. One thing I enjoyed about pretty much all of the swimwear Curvy Kate had to offer was the fact that everything was pretty much mix and match, you could take pieces and change them up which makes for more options! Below are some pretty bad (my apologies) photos of Beach Bloom, Moonflower and Cocoloco :) 

All in all the Curvy Kate range I feel is going from strength to strength and I can only see things getting better. 
And I managed to snag a Tote bag! I've had my eye on one for a long time :) 

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