Monday, 2 June 2014

Trying the Curve

One of my first posts last year was my first try of the AX Paris brand, I however had only tried the regular line which as beautiful as it is, unfortunately for me it isn't quite big enough. I have however tried a couple of pieces from their AX Paris Curve line, which I have found in stores and online with Simply Be, however until recently I hadn't tried anything that I was compelled to buy/keep.  And it has turned out to be a great buy considering I have worn it once for my work experience placement, and I plan on wearing it again this week with slightly accessories. The dress in question is the AX Paris Waffle Textured Skater Dress

Having tried this in the Doncaster store a while back, I liked it but wasn't completely sure if I like it enough to get it, but having been put on a work placement I wanted more options to wear, that weren't suits or overly smart clothes as the dress code is smart casual. I tried the 14 when trying in store but when ordering a couple of weeks ago I thought the 16 would be the better option, just to be a little bit comfier and I was right. It feels slightly big at the waist but only just and it's nothing one of my trusty belts can't fix. 

Now, even though I am only 5 ft 2 (just under according to my mother) I find myself wishing there was just a little bit more length to the skirt, I'm used to dresses and skirts ending below my knees and this falls just above them, but it doesn't look bad and it works for me. The main area of ill fitting is around the arm pit area, but I do get that problem, more often than not a dart in the fabric could bring it in and have it fit slightly better, but this fabric is very stretchy. 

As you can see from the photo above you can see the ill fitting area closer. I wore my trusted (but slightly ill fitting) Freya Lingerie Deco Honey (mine is the previous green colour) I did try with a non moulded bra but I felt the shape at the top worked better with a smoother line underneath. 

Now this last photo is how I styled the dress to wear out, unfortunately for me I'm not a fan of showing my arms so some form of cardigan or shrug will always be necessary, a belt as mentioned earlier, I went for red to add a pop of colour to the look. And I had on a pair of slightly patterned tights and my trusty black Kurt Geiger Aurora 2 shoes (seen here in a dark red) I now own three pairs of these, red black and nude and I find they are very rare to find as the style is discontinued, it took me months to hunt the black pair down on ebay, but I do keep looking!

Overall I do feel that the dress was a great purchase for me, I can see myself wearing it quite a lot, and it fit's in with a lot of items I already have in my wardrobe. I also see it as a great dress for someone working in an office environment, as it's comfy and does cover you up well, and the spot pattern is cute. 

I will also mention that I got this dress when there was a half price sale online with Simply Be, so I did pay a bargain price of £17.50 for this (it made the dress even more perfect for me!) But I can safely say I probably would have paid full price as well with it being so versatile. 
[A quick note I missed before posting this is, the one downside I feel this dress has is the fact that the label does say that it is handwash only and I do normally tend to not buy things that say that. I did fall a little in love with this though and wore it out before reading the washing label! But I even if I had read it before I wouldn't have sent it back just because of that when it looks so nice one!]

(Photo 1 taken from the Simply Be website, all others are my own, I apologise for the state in the back of any photos as usual) 

*You can purchase this dress from Simply Be, it is currently priced at £35* 


  1. Great review! I love how you styled it and even though I love the dress itself, I think you made it look even better! And me personally, I love that length on you! Great job

    1. Thank you! I do love picking different things to go with this dress I find it's very versatile in that I can pretty much mix and match many different colour with it. One of my best buys of the year I feel, although I didn't realise at the time it is handwash only apparently :/ which I normally try to avoid but I have been able to wash things that say that on a delicate cycle before so I am hoping this is the same but for now I wont risk it and I'll stick to the instructions.