Friday, 27 June 2014

Another Vlog Attempt

I have decided to try and do a few more video blogs because my first wasn't as bad as I thought, so to kick start my blog back up I decided to make another video, and this time the piece I am reviewing comes from a brand I have had many issues with in the past. And that brand is Panache Lingerie, and the bra in question the wildly popular Jasmine, I purchased my Jasmine with my trusty personal account at Simply Be.

(I just did a little happy dance at the fact I've been able to attach the video! I seems to not like me at times!) 

The devil is in the details of this bra from me, the intricate and realistic flowers really sold me, I love the contrast of them on the ivory background. Also the stretch lace at the top, I'm glad they went for a bold colour and didn't stick with continuing the ivory colour, the deep purple works really well and it's in keeping with the colours in the flowers. 
On this I will say is having worn it a little more since making this video is the straps while fully adjustable they do take some moving, I've found I've needed to tighten them, the band is still pretty damn firm, I'm no where near moved down hooks yet so it doesn't stretch out as much as some of my other bra's. 

*This bra is still available at Simply Be where it is currently on sale! £20 but there don't seem to be loads of sizes left so I'd check it out quickly if I were you!* 

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