Thursday, 27 February 2014

Courting Charlotte

I've had my Affinitas & Parfait  Charlotte for a couple of months now and it's had a bit more wear and I have recently got the heigh waisted pants so I can now do a complete review on the set. 

Now when I first saw this bra it was unfortunately out of my size range but in the last season the Charlotte size range was expanded up to a K cup, which was great news for anyone like me who previously liked the look of the bra but weren't able to try it. 

My biggest decision was picking which colour to go for, while the peach is quite nice my option I knew it would be the red or the dusty rose both of which I love, red is pretty much my favourite colour, but I chose the dusty rose because it's different and can go under paler clothes a little easier than the red. 

So the ever so lovely LargeCup Lingerie sent me the dusty rose in a 32J, as we had discussed that from other reviews the cups ran a bit smaller and most people who had reviewed the bra before me had mentioned, we thought it would be better to start bigger and go down if needed. 

Now at first I thought the band was a little too lose for me, as I prefer to have what some would say a band that could be too tight to me they are pretty comfortable, so LargeCup sent out a 30JJ for me to compare. 

Which came in the lovely new hot pink shade and strangely enough as I'm not a fan of pink I did love the colour. Comparing the two made it pretty easy to say that the 32 was the right way to go, and there was a little gaping at the sides cup wise, and the band dug in a little too much for me as you can see here 

(I have plenty of back fat as it is, this just makes more) It also rolled up and that made it dig in even more than it was. So back the 30 went and the 32J stayed and joined my collection, which worked fine in the long run as my band measurement is around 32/32.5 and it is still just fine on the loosest hook, I have been able to get used to bra's not being very very tight, and I now opt for a slightly loser (in my eyes) band but a band that I would probably be fitted in. 

Now I love parts of the bra, the thickness of the band is great in my eyes it manages to cover and hold in a little smidgin of my back flab. And I also love the thickness of the straps I know a few people haven't been but they don't dig in this way and they are so very comfortable. 
A couple of issues for me personally are the the sides, it comes up very high for me and it can at times be a little uncomfortable, but I will say there seems to be a little bit of padding meaning it doesn't quite hurt and it isn't always a problem. And this isn't the bras fault, it's my breast shape not working properly with that of the bra, due to my close set breasts and the height of the centre gore there is an issue of quad boob. 

(Please excuse the mess in the background, we are in the process of tidying and sorting through things and as we are slight hoarders it's taking a long time)

I recently got the pants sent through making the set, now unfortunately at the minute I probably would want the bra in a 32JJ as I'm quad boobing in every aspect (but only after wearing it for a full day, putting it on to wear if I'm running a quickish errand is fine) But onto the pants, now I normally would have gone for the large but I read a review from the lovely Anna who writes Bras and Body Image, she mentioned that the large briefs didn't quite reach her waist and were a little snug on her hips, so I asked for them in the XL to see if they could actually reach my waist as not many can, I've tried a few than end up being no where near and it ruins the look a little. As you can the they aren't digging in at the top or the legs, they have reached my waist which is pretty high, and love the look of the set with these over the smaller regular briefs. My only niggle is because they are a satiny fabric, depending on what I wear with them it feels off and ends up being a little slippery.
I can't wait to see what other pieces the brand extend the size range of, because this is a lovely set to won and it does feel great on.

*Photo one was taken from google, the rest of the photos are mine* 

(The Affinitas & Parfait Charlotte is available in red, peach, dusty rose and hot pink from LargeCup Lingerie, the bra is £30 and the high waisted brief £14) 

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