Friday, 3 January 2014

A quick try with Olivia

A few weeks back now in a parcel from the ever so lovely Laura at LargeCup lingerie and it contained a couple of surprises, one of which was the lovely Olivia from Tutti Rouge in a 32HH.

Now Olivia is is so different, whilst it may be floral it's not obvious and I love that! The geometric floralness (not a word but it is now!!) is so different to anything I've ever seen on a bra before, it's such a stand out print that is in a league of it's own, it's such a shame it didn't fit. 
Now although I love the print, I will admit though that the lace that is in the middle of the cup I'm not overly fond of I feel it's out of place, the top and the bottom work, I get that breaking print up can be good but in this case I don't think it works (that's just my opinion though). And as you would expect there is the usual Tutti touches, the heart on either strap and embroidered branding on the clasp.

Onto the fit, I'm normally fine with the 32HH from Tutti but this was far tighter than any I have tried, I compared it to a 30 band in the parfait charlotte and it was a good inch and a half shorter! So either Olivia runs very tight or this was a one off, I would have said this is more like a 23/30HH Which isn't the right size at all for me, the cups were also a tad too small, probably could be rectified with trying a bigger band which I may do so in the nearish future. I also admit this is the second 'success' in the same style from tutti, if you think back to when I first looked at the brand and tried the Liliana this also worked due to the shape of the bra suiting the way my breasts are, but I'm not going to give up on the different styles!

(photo one taken from the Big Cartel page for Tutti Rouge the rest are me)

*Olivia is available from the same link above for £28 They also do a matching mini brief for £14 and shorts for £15*

 And just a big thank you to everyone who reads my blog, my stats say it's been viewed over 6000 times and for me that is INCREDIBLE!!! I hope I can keep it up!!  

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