Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My Tutti Adventure Continues

Every bra I see come from Tutti Rouge I find it adorably cute, (which 5/6 years ago I wouldn't have, how things change) and I also feel the need to try everything they bring out, so I set myself what is now looking to be a challenge I might fail, to try every tutti rouge bra they made. This is proving more of a challenge the bigger the brand gets!  But I shall do my best and try as many as my bank balance let's me.

I found two new beauties to try recently, the Sophia and Birds of a Feather, both on the site LargeCup Lingerie, (I'll fill you in on my experience with them later) 

I couldn't afford both so I opted for the Sophia first because of the cute mint colour and the fact it was one I hadn't seen any reviews of at the time of my buying it. So having not had a fitting for quite a while I took a gamble and ordered a 32HH, (I went for the middle size from what I had tried in the lilliana and the betty) I figured if anything was going to work that this would be a good starting point. 

A few days later my parcel arrived just as I was about to leave the house (unfortunately I was admitted to hospital to get a 5th Lumbar Puncture) so all I got to do was open it and have a quick look and I couldn't wait to actually try it on, the colour was stunning a lovely minty green and the detailing was what I have grown to expect from Tutti Rogue, bit's of lace and cute little bows along with the signature small metal hearts on the straps and the embroidered name on the back hooks. 

A week or so later I was able to stand properly and I could finally try this beautiful item on, 

Now, the photo's in some respects don't clearly show where the fit was wrong on me, my first issue was I felt the centre gore was very high, after wearing plunges and balconette plunge styles this was massively uncomfortable. There was also a little issue with the lace near the top of the cups, it didn't sit flat at all, although it could do after a bit of wear and after being washed. I also had issues with the fit, now the cup might not look too big to you guys, when it was on me however it was different, the was extra space at the top of the cup (very rare for me as I'm full on top) and the cup did slightly buckle at the bottom, almost as if my boobs were too heavy for them to take. Now had I attempted a smaller size I think that the problem might have not been an issue but due to my fullness on top I was fairly certain that I would quad boob. So alas, Sophia had to back, but not before I tried again just to make sure, I felt I had to simply because the bra itself is stunning. 

So I contacted Large Cup Lingerie and asked to exchange this and give the Birds of a Feather a try, at first I did think about trying the 32H just to see but after being informed they didn't have it in stock I stuck with the 32HH. Now again I hadn't looked for any other reviews at this point it was after I had tried mine on I saw that the lovely Miss Fuller Figure Fuller Bust had tried it also.
I now know that this is a pretty risky style, that comes from one of their designers, I have to applaud them for taking a big risk and I do really wish it had worked because I ADORE this bra.

I think it's pretty safe to say the main problem I had with this was the large amount of buckling of the cup at the bottom, where as the sophia did it a little, I found that in this one it was at least when we measure over an inch of the cup just buckling under the weight. There is also a slight bit too much of what I call 'east vs west' going on, this is a combination really of me being pretty close set and full on top and the gore of the bra.
I do love the shape and construction of this though, the way it's half padded and the stretchy lace at the top, I think it not only looks attractive but the materials used are of a great quality, the satiny finish and the lace isn't the slightest bit itchy! The straps (and I can't quite remember this) but I seem to think they aren't fully adjustable and I do wish they were but the front where it's essentially a wider root attached to the cup itself and it thins out, I've seen it done on smaller cupped bras and always love it, I think it's something great so I hope they might use it for future styles. 
I swear I will find more than one style from Tutti that my boobs WILL work with and it will fit!!

Now throughout the process of getting and returning these bras, sometimes doing returns and exchanges can be a big hassle and a pain, but I have nothing but great things to say about Large Cup Lingerie, the social media aspect of companies is a big thing these days and they have theirs down to a T! When I received the first bra and I tweeted that I couldn't try it on yet due to my hospital trip, they asked me how I was and they were really lovely about everything. So easy to get in contact with, very speedy at responding and I love the fact that they want to hear feedback and they want to know how things are. So even though I was doubtful at first, most people are when ordering from new places, don't be from LCL, they will help you with anything! I couldn't recommend them anymore! And believe me I will try!!! 

*Photos one and two taken from the Large cup lingerie website, all other photos are mine*

**Sophia and Birds of a Feather are available from Large Cup Lingerie Sophia is priced at £28 and Birds of a Feather is £26**