Monday, 29 July 2013

Could be the Start of Something Good

More than likely this is going to be one a shorter blog than I'd like it to be but until I can try more from the brand, this will be it. On a recent trip to Leeds with some family I decided to see if the New Look there had anything from AX Paris as I have read some pretty good things about them from Caroline (Curvy Wordy) and from Georgina (Fuller Figure Fuller Bust). So I decided I wanted to try something myself as after a quick look on their website their clothes appeal to me. (apologies in advance for the poor photos, it had to be a quick try on session) 

Fist up was this bodycon dress, I picked it up because I loved the crochet detail neckline, I thought it was different and I loved the element of showing skin and being covered at the same time. 

So, it doesn't look like the lady in the picture but when does that happen?! Compared to what I normally think of myself in tighter fitting dress, this looked pretty good, with a little weight loss and maybe some form of shapewear to smooth me out this could be a winner. The length I didn't find too much of an issue although it finished above knee on the model I thought it looked better finishing a little below the knee. The fabric was pretty stretchy too, this was a 14, I probably would try it in a 16 though as this was rather difficult to zip up and it did squash my boobs a little too much, the normal AX Paris line does stop at a 14 though this style is available in their plus size range AX Curve. Bar the squashed boob look the only main issue I would have if I were to buy this dress would be what bra do I wear, strapless isn't much of an option, those that go up to my current size don't work for me at all they can't seem to support the weight of larger boobs I find, matching bra straps to the crochet detail colour would be an option though it could be slightly tricky. 

Next up was this lovely skater skirt style, unfortunately as you can tell from the last photo I didn't have luck with this one and I was was rather miffed as this was so cute and something I would get a fair amount of wear out of. The fabric felt soft and silky and I loved the floral print, the skirt was great as well, I had a bit of fun when I had a quick spin around in the changing room. Again I picked up a 14, and when I asked if they had a 16 they didn't, upon further research on the AX Paris website this one does indeed stop at the 14 and isn't available in the AX Curve range, so I guess I won't be able to get this one which is a shame. 

I can't wait to try more from the brand, from what I tried and saw the clothes are pretty and seem to be good quality, I have my eye on a few pieces to try (when I can afford too!). I also do hope I have more luck with the Curve range, even if they are a little big they can possibly be slightly altered by my mum unless she can teach me how to do it myself! 

All three of these are from the Curve range and are in the sale, (meaning I find some cash now before they disappear!) 

(All images except those of myself come from the AX Paris website)

*The crochet neck dress can be purchased here for £40 in the curve style, in sizes 8-14 it is £30, the skater dress is £30) 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Green with Envy

After first trying a polish brand a year or so a go I found them to be on par if not slightly better than the English brands, so once I heard about a different one I was keen to try, Comexim. I was unsure about their size chart though as it was slightly confusing for someone like me, but one popped up in a Facebook group I am part of in a size that was around about my size now so I thought I would give it a shot and see what the bra was like. 


The bra in question is the Green Velvet, the bra looks lovely in pictures but I found it to be even more stunning in person, the velvet flocking, the construction and the overall look of the bra made me love it, plus the green looked lovely against my skin.

So the fit, this is a 70HH which I believe is roughly about a 32HH, again roughly the size that I currently am and from the front (to me looking at the photos), it looks like a good fit, and you can clearly tell me breasts suit the plunge shape of this bra. The band for me personally felt a little too lose for me, I prefer a very firm band and some don't like it as firm as I do, cup wise this is slightly too small as I'm getting a hint of the dreaded quadrboob and also the wires at the sides were very low, which is another indicator to me that the cup is too small.

 I suspect I might need to go up maybe 2 cup sizes if I were to go down the back size to get the firmer fitting band I like, I am going to ask some other people who have ordered from the brand before I do make an order to get some more insight on where I should go size wise. Here are my wish list favourites, 

(All stock photos from the Comexim websire)

*The Green Velvet can be purchased from Comexim Website and it costs 120zl*

Friday, 19 July 2013

From Sweet to Sour

Part two.

After the success I had with Tutti Rouge first offering I couldn't wait to try what they had coming next, so with the news of their next style 'Betty' hitting Bravissimo of I went to give it a try. At this point I'm going to note that Betty only goes up to the HH. 

Now as a starting point I again went for the 32H bra and as I couldn't see the shorts in a large I thought I'd try the medium. As you can see this is such a cute set, the floral patter, frills and bows are some very sweet touches to this set.
Now the most obvious difference between this and Lilliana is Betty is more of a half cup balconette, which unfortunately is where without even trying the bra on  I know it's not going to work, but I gave it a go anyway. 

Now this felt lovely on my skin and as pretty as it is, I couldn't buy it, it just doesn't work at all on my shape. I felt like it was gapey at the top, yet at the same time it felt too small, and going up to the HH didn't help at all, it still felt the same, weird right? Unfortunately that wasn't where the main problem was, the side view in my opinion isn't my best look, I felt rather flattened, rounded a little too but flat. For some reason the current shape of my boobs doesn't get a long well with this style of bra, which is ultimately a big shame because after seeing more of the autumn/winter range and seeing this coming out in red (my all time favourite colour) Makes me wish that I could make this work somehow. 

That being said I found the band pretty consistent, the 32 was not too tight and not too lose and the pants, I preferred these over the matching Lilliana shorts simply because they sat in the one of two places pants sit (sounded better in my head), I would still need to go for the large though but seen as though the bra doesn't work on me I didn't bother asking about them. 

Some positives from this bra are the cute girly touches such as the bows, frills, flowers and I love the satiny fabric, it does bring out the more girly side in me. Unfortunately because of the shape issues I wont be adding it to my small collection, unless I can manage to somehow change the shape of my breasts a little so this style would work (here's hoping, the red set needs to be mine!) 

(Photo one, stock photo taken from Bravissimo and photo four taken from the Tutti Rouge FaceBook page)

*The Ivory Floral Betty is available from Bravissimo in stores and online, the bra is £32 and the shorts £16*  Betty at Bravissimo

Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Fruity Tutti Start

Part One

The first proper post for my blog is about lingerie, a big part of my life. Recently a new brand came onto the scene for the fuller busted ladies like myself, they go by the name Tutti Rouge - 'DD-HH and everything in between' (taken from their Facebook about me section, they do go upto a J cup)

Having read about their debut offering on other blogs, such as Fuller Figure Fuller Bust , I decided to try out the 'Lilliana' So on one of many trip to Bravissimo (at the time of trying on I lived in Cardiff and I could jump on a bus and get to one quite quickly).

Despite not being the biggest fan of the colour pink, I found this quite pretty, and the colour didn't bother me too much. I picked up a 32H and large short along with a pile of other goodies, I picked the 32H as a starting point, I wasn't sure it was going to fit but that was pretty much the size I was at that point in time.

Now from the front this looked like the fit was ok, but alas, theres a sort of stretchy lace part at the top of the cups, where that meets the rest of the cup dug in a little creating the dreaded quadraboob effect, not only that the ribbon slightly cut in, making it look like six boobs! Not such a good look for me to be quite honest, went up to the 32HH and while it looked better I still felt there was slight quadraboob so I asked a fitter who agreed and she went to get the 32J (I have to admit, I never thought I would go back up the a J cup again!)

As you can see this fits like a dream, the band was perfect, I was fully enclosed in the cup which meant no more quadraboob, just two slightly large breasts. The wires weren't a problem either, the didn't dig in and although from the side they look quite high up, they didn't cause any problems in my bounce test (I tend to jump up and down to test and bra, this passed with flying colours) 

Lastly the pants, I found the large to be almost spot on, the shape was great, I loved my bum in them, my only gripe was that I wish they were either higher waisted or lower waisted, even in the short amount of time I had them on they started to roll down slightly. 

Overall, the Lilliana gets a thumbs up from me, I feel the shape and fit of both items were great, and although I didn't buy them this time, I'm holding out for different colour ways, I have my eye on this one coming out in the autumn winter range later this year. 

(Photo 1 stock photo taken from the Bravissimo page and the last photo taken from the Tutti Rouge Facebook page) 

The Pink Lilliana is available from Bravissimo stores and online, the bra is £26, the shorts £14 and the thong is £12   Lilliana at Bravissimo

Taking Some Friendly Advice


So.........Hi, let me introduce you to myself and my little blog here, I'm going to keep this first post short and sweet (a little like me)

I'm Ruth Hannah Smith, a 23 year old Theatre and Dance graduate, currently hunting for a job back in my home town of Scunthorpe. Now that I have moved back home and I'm fairly settled in I think this is the best time to start this blog. I've wanted to start one for a while but I've always had my reservations in doing so but thanks to a gentle push from one of my favourite bloggers I'm biting the proverbial bullet and going for it.

I have started this for a couple of reasons, one, to help myself and others with the fit of different things, we are all different body shapes, some more similar than others and I think that seeing clothes I've thought about buying on someone who is in a way similar to me it gives me an idea of how it will work. 
Also I really want to work on my writing and improve it, I've always been pretty crap at it, no idea why I just seem to be better at speaking aloud sometimes rather than writing things. (I may do one or two video blogs) So if at any point this gets bad or you spot that I've done something wrong please do tell me, a little constructive criticism is always welcome. :D

So without further ado, welcome to The Changing Room Diaries.