Friday, 29 November 2013

Under the spotlight

For many women Freya Lingerie's infamous deco bra is a staple to own, I know of many women who will squeeze into one which may be slightly too small just because the shape is gives is exactly what women want. 

(excuse the very old photo, this was my first foray into deco territory) 

The roundness, the lift and the cleavage on show is nothing less than epic, the fit was perfect, and they do try to reinvent the bra, having seen the Frida (seen on the lovely Georgina), Carly, Crystal (again on Georgina) and more recently the (also again modelled by Georgina) Taylor

Having seen the aptly named Spotlight in a brochure summer last year I knew I had to have it and I hated that I had to wait until November to get my paws on it. But when Figleaves sent me an email with a discount code (subscribe to their newsletter and every so often they send codes giving you discounts on items and sometimes free delivery) I snapped at the chance to get this lovely bra as I received 15% off and free next day delivery, so in a few clicks the 34GG was winging it's way to me, and luckily I didn't have long to wait.

Now when I get parcels I get rather excited (I'm like a child with presents, only I've brought myself them) and when the box with this arrived it was no exception, I hurriedly opened the box and there it was. the colour, an intense shade of burgundy red (claret going by the official description), and I loved that the spots aren't just on the cups, they continue around the bra even on the black edges and straps, I think when a detail like that is done throughout the bra it feels more finished and refined. 
I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive on the fit, the Crystal I mentioned earlier for some reason had a bit of an iffy fit I panicked that this would be the same, and it is, a little. 

(please excuse any strange facial expressions, I have no explanation for them :/)

The bra fits, there's no denying it the centre gore fits sits flat, my breasts are fully encased in the cups, and the band while slightly loser than I like it actually feels fine (I'm one of those people that seems to like the band really really tight) I will admit I wont be wearing this as an everyday bra, just because I find a lot of movement, even in a really well fitting plunge bra, I find after a couple of hours my breasts have fallen into the middle more than they need to have. This is going to be my go to bra for when I wear lower cut tops and dresses as it will give me the right shape and look I will desire. 

Now onto the crystal effect, I found the crystal to be slightly wider than the regular deco, being that the centre gore seemed spreads my boobs further apart than normal, which unlike the crystal this doesn't do it as much, unfortunately it does still happen, but it isn't enough to put me off this bra at all. That and I do LOVE the pattern, I'm all for spots and dots and red and black, pretty much my dream bra combination really so it had to work! 

(Second photo taken from the Freya website, other 3 are of me)

*Deco spotlight is available at Figleaves and is £32 :) *


  1. I also found the deco crystal to be too wide set compared to the regular deco, and that the piping/ trim at the edges of the cup fought against my shape, which doesn't happen in the regular deco :(

  2. Hi Kate, I had issues with the piping on crystal, but not this one, i do wonder if freya have slightly altered the design and fit because this feels so much better on than the crystal did. I'm not fighting to stay in the cups, I may stitch the gore in a little once I learn how to but it is fine for now, very wearable :)