Saturday, 31 August 2013

An Affair that will last Forever

A dress can make a girl feel like a million pounds/dollars sometimes, it wasn't until a year or so ago I discovered that dress for myself, and I decided I must try to own them all! This dress is Heidi, from Pinupgirl Clothing and I love her so.

The leopard came first, I went for this because it was something that was slightly different for me, as soon as I had it on I was in heaven, I was so happy with how I looked, it was amazing. The stretch bengaline fabric is great, as as the website suggested to size down for a snugger fit (at the time I was more in the measurements for the large) I went for a medium and I'm so glad I did, the waist is perfect, the boob area is a little much for everyday wear as there is an unholy amount of cleavage shown (a friend mentioned 'tit buffet'!) For me I feel I have to wear a shrug or something to cover up my arms, if I had one gripe with Heidi is the cap sleeves don't do anything for me and make my arms look bigger :(. One thing I did know was that I had to have more, and next one my purchase list was the cherry version. 

The cherry, such a lovely print, and again the quality of the material was amazing, but I very nearly didn't keep this one. I found this to be tighter all over than the leopard, I found I struggled to do the zip up, and the cap sleeves felt extremely tight, in fact almost too tight, which is why I was thinking about selling this. But I thought about it, and I figured that the more I wore the dress, it would losen up, that and I have to (because of health reasons and I want to) lose some weight, so because the print is cute and I do love the shape I kept it. It's been worn more for daytime then evening like the leopard, that being said it does work for going out in. Pindot Heidi was the next in my collection.

On first try on this felt like the leopard and not the cherry, the waist was fine and the cap sleeves worked well again, immediately I was relieved. This one was next for me because I saw this as having more versatility than the two I already owned due to the monochrome colour scheme, I could accessorise with whatever colour I wanted too shoes/bags/cardigans in any colour of the rainbow. So as much as I love the leopard and the cherry, in the long run this one is likely to be worn the most. 

Last but not least, my most recent Heidi purchase was in fact the one I really wanted first (it was out of stock when I got the leopard) was the red version, due to red being pretty much my favourite colour ever!

This is defiantly my personal favourite by far, (and my mothers least) this was also my first purchase from the website Pinup Style created by the lovely ladies from Pinup Girl Clothing, it first popped up as being worn about twice by the previous owner so I said I'd like to buy it, no harm in buying something preowned in my eyes, things like this should be passed on if they aren't being worn, I couldn't wait to own my very own 'lady in red' dress. To me the red seems to be made from a marginally thinner material (only just) and I feel the red also fits better than the previous 3. The only real problem with just one colour I feel I have to be very careful with what colour accessories I choose unlike the pindot where pretty much I can pick any colour I want. That being said, this is my favourite dress of all time, the colour and the shape just works.

 I have a huge love for these dresses, and Im very grateful I was shown them, I have now made it my mission to own every colour way and every print that I can possibly find! Those next one my list to buy, just marginally ahead of the rest are, 

The last one I don't know when it's coming out quite yet but when it does I must have it, not just for halloween!

(Last photo taken from the pinup girl clothing tumblr, previous 4 photos before that taken from Pinup Girl Clothing)

*The Pinup Couture Heidi is available from Pinup Girl Clothing in varying colours and prints and it retails at $98 *

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