Thursday, 18 July 2013

Taking Some Friendly Advice


So.........Hi, let me introduce you to myself and my little blog here, I'm going to keep this first post short and sweet (a little like me)

I'm Ruth Hannah Smith, a 23 year old Theatre and Dance graduate, currently hunting for a job back in my home town of Scunthorpe. Now that I have moved back home and I'm fairly settled in I think this is the best time to start this blog. I've wanted to start one for a while but I've always had my reservations in doing so but thanks to a gentle push from one of my favourite bloggers I'm biting the proverbial bullet and going for it.

I have started this for a couple of reasons, one, to help myself and others with the fit of different things, we are all different body shapes, some more similar than others and I think that seeing clothes I've thought about buying on someone who is in a way similar to me it gives me an idea of how it will work. 
Also I really want to work on my writing and improve it, I've always been pretty crap at it, no idea why I just seem to be better at speaking aloud sometimes rather than writing things. (I may do one or two video blogs) So if at any point this gets bad or you spot that I've done something wrong please do tell me, a little constructive criticism is always welcome. :D

So without further ado, welcome to The Changing Room Diaries. 


  1. Yay, a new bra blog!

  2. Hey ruth. Just curious are you single and do you have twitter??