Monday, 22 July 2013

Green with Envy

After first trying a polish brand a year or so a go I found them to be on par if not slightly better than the English brands, so once I heard about a different one I was keen to try, Comexim. I was unsure about their size chart though as it was slightly confusing for someone like me, but one popped up in a Facebook group I am part of in a size that was around about my size now so I thought I would give it a shot and see what the bra was like. 


The bra in question is the Green Velvet, the bra looks lovely in pictures but I found it to be even more stunning in person, the velvet flocking, the construction and the overall look of the bra made me love it, plus the green looked lovely against my skin.

So the fit, this is a 70HH which I believe is roughly about a 32HH, again roughly the size that I currently am and from the front (to me looking at the photos), it looks like a good fit, and you can clearly tell me breasts suit the plunge shape of this bra. The band for me personally felt a little too lose for me, I prefer a very firm band and some don't like it as firm as I do, cup wise this is slightly too small as I'm getting a hint of the dreaded quadrboob and also the wires at the sides were very low, which is another indicator to me that the cup is too small.

 I suspect I might need to go up maybe 2 cup sizes if I were to go down the back size to get the firmer fitting band I like, I am going to ask some other people who have ordered from the brand before I do make an order to get some more insight on where I should go size wise. Here are my wish list favourites, 

(All stock photos from the Comexim websire)

*The Green Velvet can be purchased from Comexim Website and it costs 120zl*


  1. love your blog missus! followed. xx

  2. Just so you know, Comexim uses different sizing. 70HH is comparable to a 32GG-ish measurement wise,

    1. Yeah I didn't realise at the time of this going up. When I put it again my 32GG decos it's pretty similar if not a little smaller, not by much though.