Friday, 19 July 2013

From Sweet to Sour

Part two.

After the success I had with Tutti Rouge first offering I couldn't wait to try what they had coming next, so with the news of their next style 'Betty' hitting Bravissimo of I went to give it a try. At this point I'm going to note that Betty only goes up to the HH. 

Now as a starting point I again went for the 32H bra and as I couldn't see the shorts in a large I thought I'd try the medium. As you can see this is such a cute set, the floral patter, frills and bows are some very sweet touches to this set.
Now the most obvious difference between this and Lilliana is Betty is more of a half cup balconette, which unfortunately is where without even trying the bra on  I know it's not going to work, but I gave it a go anyway. 

Now this felt lovely on my skin and as pretty as it is, I couldn't buy it, it just doesn't work at all on my shape. I felt like it was gapey at the top, yet at the same time it felt too small, and going up to the HH didn't help at all, it still felt the same, weird right? Unfortunately that wasn't where the main problem was, the side view in my opinion isn't my best look, I felt rather flattened, rounded a little too but flat. For some reason the current shape of my boobs doesn't get a long well with this style of bra, which is ultimately a big shame because after seeing more of the autumn/winter range and seeing this coming out in red (my all time favourite colour) Makes me wish that I could make this work somehow. 

That being said I found the band pretty consistent, the 32 was not too tight and not too lose and the pants, I preferred these over the matching Lilliana shorts simply because they sat in the one of two places pants sit (sounded better in my head), I would still need to go for the large though but seen as though the bra doesn't work on me I didn't bother asking about them. 

Some positives from this bra are the cute girly touches such as the bows, frills, flowers and I love the satiny fabric, it does bring out the more girly side in me. Unfortunately because of the shape issues I wont be adding it to my small collection, unless I can manage to somehow change the shape of my breasts a little so this style would work (here's hoping, the red set needs to be mine!) 

(Photo one, stock photo taken from Bravissimo and photo four taken from the Tutti Rouge FaceBook page)

*The Ivory Floral Betty is available from Bravissimo in stores and online, the bra is £32 and the shorts £16*  Betty at Bravissimo

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  1. It is such a beautiful bra, I wish I lived close to a bravissimo just so I could try it on to see if it fit by some miracle.