Monday, 29 July 2013

Could be the Start of Something Good

More than likely this is going to be one a shorter blog than I'd like it to be but until I can try more from the brand, this will be it. On a recent trip to Leeds with some family I decided to see if the New Look there had anything from AX Paris as I have read some pretty good things about them from Caroline (Curvy Wordy) and from Georgina (Fuller Figure Fuller Bust). So I decided I wanted to try something myself as after a quick look on their website their clothes appeal to me. (apologies in advance for the poor photos, it had to be a quick try on session) 

Fist up was this bodycon dress, I picked it up because I loved the crochet detail neckline, I thought it was different and I loved the element of showing skin and being covered at the same time. 

So, it doesn't look like the lady in the picture but when does that happen?! Compared to what I normally think of myself in tighter fitting dress, this looked pretty good, with a little weight loss and maybe some form of shapewear to smooth me out this could be a winner. The length I didn't find too much of an issue although it finished above knee on the model I thought it looked better finishing a little below the knee. The fabric was pretty stretchy too, this was a 14, I probably would try it in a 16 though as this was rather difficult to zip up and it did squash my boobs a little too much, the normal AX Paris line does stop at a 14 though this style is available in their plus size range AX Curve. Bar the squashed boob look the only main issue I would have if I were to buy this dress would be what bra do I wear, strapless isn't much of an option, those that go up to my current size don't work for me at all they can't seem to support the weight of larger boobs I find, matching bra straps to the crochet detail colour would be an option though it could be slightly tricky. 

Next up was this lovely skater skirt style, unfortunately as you can tell from the last photo I didn't have luck with this one and I was was rather miffed as this was so cute and something I would get a fair amount of wear out of. The fabric felt soft and silky and I loved the floral print, the skirt was great as well, I had a bit of fun when I had a quick spin around in the changing room. Again I picked up a 14, and when I asked if they had a 16 they didn't, upon further research on the AX Paris website this one does indeed stop at the 14 and isn't available in the AX Curve range, so I guess I won't be able to get this one which is a shame. 

I can't wait to try more from the brand, from what I tried and saw the clothes are pretty and seem to be good quality, I have my eye on a few pieces to try (when I can afford too!). I also do hope I have more luck with the Curve range, even if they are a little big they can possibly be slightly altered by my mum unless she can teach me how to do it myself! 

All three of these are from the Curve range and are in the sale, (meaning I find some cash now before they disappear!) 

(All images except those of myself come from the AX Paris website)

*The crochet neck dress can be purchased here for £40 in the curve style, in sizes 8-14 it is £30, the skater dress is £30) 

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