Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Fruity Tutti Start

Part One

The first proper post for my blog is about lingerie, a big part of my life. Recently a new brand came onto the scene for the fuller busted ladies like myself, they go by the name Tutti Rouge - 'DD-HH and everything in between' (taken from their Facebook about me section, they do go upto a J cup)

Having read about their debut offering on other blogs, such as Fuller Figure Fuller Bust , I decided to try out the 'Lilliana' So on one of many trip to Bravissimo (at the time of trying on I lived in Cardiff and I could jump on a bus and get to one quite quickly).

Despite not being the biggest fan of the colour pink, I found this quite pretty, and the colour didn't bother me too much. I picked up a 32H and large short along with a pile of other goodies, I picked the 32H as a starting point, I wasn't sure it was going to fit but that was pretty much the size I was at that point in time.

Now from the front this looked like the fit was ok, but alas, theres a sort of stretchy lace part at the top of the cups, where that meets the rest of the cup dug in a little creating the dreaded quadraboob effect, not only that the ribbon slightly cut in, making it look like six boobs! Not such a good look for me to be quite honest, went up to the 32HH and while it looked better I still felt there was slight quadraboob so I asked a fitter who agreed and she went to get the 32J (I have to admit, I never thought I would go back up the a J cup again!)

As you can see this fits like a dream, the band was perfect, I was fully enclosed in the cup which meant no more quadraboob, just two slightly large breasts. The wires weren't a problem either, the didn't dig in and although from the side they look quite high up, they didn't cause any problems in my bounce test (I tend to jump up and down to test and bra, this passed with flying colours) 

Lastly the pants, I found the large to be almost spot on, the shape was great, I loved my bum in them, my only gripe was that I wish they were either higher waisted or lower waisted, even in the short amount of time I had them on they started to roll down slightly. 

Overall, the Lilliana gets a thumbs up from me, I feel the shape and fit of both items were great, and although I didn't buy them this time, I'm holding out for different colour ways, I have my eye on this one coming out in the autumn winter range later this year. 

(Photo 1 stock photo taken from the Bravissimo page and the last photo taken from the Tutti Rouge Facebook page) 

The Pink Lilliana is available from Bravissimo stores and online, the bra is £26, the shorts £14 and the thong is £12   Lilliana at Bravissimo


  1. Yay, a new bra blogger! I haven't gotten to try any Tutti Rouge yet. Love the name of your blog! :)

  2. Thank's ladies, hopefully I can get to try each of their styles when they come out when I can get to a brav or order it online :)