Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Who's looking at you..... Curvy Kate

Now onto a brand who I once thought I would never be able to wear, I'd always admired the pieces but always found they would never fit me right but praise the lingerie gods for around the past 3-4 years nearly every style I have tried from Curvy Kate has been pretty much a perfect fit! And I wear my Daily Dream every day in my day job (which is in a restaurant) the fit and the functionality of the bra for under a white shirt is amazing.
But enough of that and onto the new, I always look forward to seeing Curvy Kate because the staff are always lovely and the models are always so pretty!!! 

The lovely Sally from Curvy Kate showed us through both the main collection and the Scantily line which I will do a completely separate post on (I do own a lot of scantily because it is pretty awesome!) 

I'm going to start with a style which will be coming to Large Cup Lingerie in June, a new staple which looks like it will do very very well for the brand is Victory, coming in black (and Latte but the latter not at LCL just yet!) The 4 part construction is something they haven't tried before and pre sales show that it could be something they do on future styles as it is flying out the door! 

Next the Luxe, now having owned this since it came out I can say it has amazing support, I honestly haven't had enough use out of mine to give it a better review but hopefully I will be able to get my hands on the new Ivory colour way in a size that will fit me, I will be putting a video of the lovely Laura Butler who demonstrated the amazing support and hold of this bra by doing cartwheels across the floor here at Moda on my Twitter soon which is @RuthsRoom for anyone interested in following me on there (I do post a lot of boob related stuff as well as some rubbish!) 

Another style I cannot wait to try is the Smoothie Soul a plunge seamless mounded bra which I'm hoping fits me as well as it fits Laura!

The inside of the nude is a lovely shade of pink and some of the details on the outside are also pink, I am unsure if this is the same for the black though.
This also comes in a fashion print which is very geometric.

I spoke about the daily dream being my go to bra earlier and the fashion colour way for AW17 is a beautiful indigo blue which looks very denim like and has a contrasting purple trim which again I look forward to owning!

Now I have the mention and show the tease which is a style that has been around for a long long one time! Cha remembers owning the Lemon and Black which was one of the first colours it came out in. Sally mentioned they tried to leave it out for a season or two but there was a bit of uproar so they gave it a few tweaks and brought it back again (rather like one of the desserts at where I work, if that went from the menu I think people would stop coming to us it's that good!)

Now a style being replaced this is Ritzy, the new style taking over is the Trixie quite a simple style with lovely little lace details, plus the line also includes a longline baby doll.

Let me know what you your looking forward too, and if you own the Luxe what are your thoughts!

Monday, 20 February 2017

Meet the new Tutti in town

Well well well, it's been a while since I've been able to post on here, unfortunately life has gotten in the way so many times but from now on, I WILL make time to try and get at least one post every two weeks!!

Now onto the blog post!

Myself and Cha from Large Cup Lingerie are back at Moda and looking a the different collections coming this Autumn Winter season, and I am starting my Moda posting off with the Tutti Rouge styles s well as their new range "Rougette"

Now Tutti Rouge are the brand I first review we'd on my blog, the Lilliana has come out in so many colours since that very first pink colour. My very first blog post! Looking back at this at point would have upset me because I was a little slimmer back then but having gained weight I have gained some confidence which is mainly due to the fact that there are so many people promoting body positivity (still some nasty people out there) but the vast majority are.

Now onto the new pieces from Tutti, now my favourite is the Talia, the abstract floral print stands out so well against the black background of the bra, and the plunge style looks like it will be a good style that will work for people of different shapes and sizes.

The Minx is my second favourite, due to the fact it comes with a pair of high waisted bottoms and I do love a good pair of high waisted pants! 

Lastly I have a thing for bralettes at the minute, although in most if I want to to wear them out the house they do need a bra underneath as they don't tend to offer a lot of support, the Elvie is an all over lace padded bralette which is so soft to the touch and looks amazing on all the promo pictures I would be amiss not to like this one.

Now onto the new line, the only style from the main Tutti line to go up past a 38 band has been the Lilliana, Jessica the Founder of the brand has listened to the feedback from customers and has expanded back sizes by creating the new range "Rougette" which launches July 2017.

One colour way/print which we have a seen a lot today is leopard and the Erica is one of my favourite pieces seen today, the shape is slightly vintage and the finishing details are something that Tutti always manage to get right, plus the briefs are again high waisted which scores big ticks across the board for me!!

Lastly the piece in which Cha liked is the Ashley, which is a stunning shade of blue (cannot say exact shade but the blue was was nice and bold!) Another bralette, which will have an extra lining from the sample we saw today.

Now I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the Sukki in the Ivory which will be out around April time, (no photo of this one though) The caging is detachable and will work well under my everyday workwear white shirts!
I do hope I will be able to get my hands on some of the styles mentioned in this post, if there any tutti pieces you'd like to try please let me know and I will try to get my hands on them and puts something up.

Monday, 15 August 2016

An Invitation To.........

This has been a long time coming but I'm finally able to start to look at reviewing the Dear Scantily pieces I have been collecting, in the terms of Pokemon I gotta catch them all! Because let's face it the pieces they are putting out are amazing, highly detailed with beautiful fabric choices, carefully crafted, and each piece has is rose gold S stamp of approval! 

Let me introduce you to the Invitation set, in the pink/black colour way from the very first season of Scantilly, this is pretty much a style unheard of for those of us larger chested ladies, a Demi cup?! 
The tantalising shape of this makes it pretty difficult to be an everyday bra but it's just too pretty to be put to one side and only brought out for specials occasions. Having brought this when it first came out it took me a little while before I wore it out, the pants are still yet to be worn outside other than for a photo shoot with the amazing Nicola at My Boudoir but it still is a firm favourite for me.

I have the bra in a 32HH which fits me perfectly, if a little snug when it gets to that time of the month! But the cup is perfect, a giving uplift and coverage yet being seriously sexy and giving you the 'on a platter' look. The fabric feels amazing to tough so soft and satiny, and the intricate details including intricate lace work on the cups, and rose gold on the straps as well as on the signature 's' on the bow in the centre of the bra as well as all matching bottoms. For those thinking about trying this I would recommend sticking with your regular size, because while you may feel like you are falling out, that's the effect this bra is going for. For instance wearing it for the Moda Party this week I felt like I was flashing everyone! But I was completely covered and encased the entire evening, even with a bit of dancing involved (sat down dancing but it still counts!) 
(Please do excuse the toilet in the background!) 

(And please ignore any funny faces I may be pulling!)

Now onto the bottoms, I chose the pants which were a little risky and provocative as they have a rather large hole in the derrière! I think the brand refers to them as the bare faced brief,

The pants seen here in one of the fabulous photos taken my the lovely Nicola at My Boudoir, (hair and make up Sarah Elliot) they are a little on the small side (not size wise though) for someone who is used to a larger pant, let' me honest I am a lover of the so called 'granny pants' I just prefer to wear something that goes a little higher up on my body and I can't help it! That being said although these do not go up to me waist they are ok to wear and they don't dig in and leave marks, for size reference I got these in a large, I think I could have size down to the medium. 

Overall this set is surprisingly one of the comfiest sets I own, whilst being highly sexy and giving me one hell of a boost in confidence! Not one I can wear daily, but still a great piece to have as an option. 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Panache preview

It's been far too long but I'm going to type these whilst being in Birmingham so I can get them to you as I see them. So first up from Moda's opening day is Panache, and I'll be posting some of my favourite pieces from the main Panache line as well as Panache Black, Panache Sport. First up is a bra that is known all over to those who are fuller busted, the panache tango, a bra that has come out in a vast variety of colours is coming out in a lovely navy with gold detailing. Now my personal view of the tango is that the fabric on previous versions has been rather rough and irritating to my sensitive skin but this is a lot softer, which could be a slightly different fabric blend or the dye used can sometimes affect the fabric differently but this is a lot smoother in comparison to previous years. What I do enjoy about this is the colour, and a lot of the pieces that I have seen so far is the hues of blue/teal, a colour which I think isn't used as much in lingerie but can be a good alternative to black.

Another fan favourite from panache is the Jasmine, which is back in two prints, as well as some continuity shades people I think are very excited for black and caramel will be hitting stores from November.

Next on my list is the Cari, in a stunning shade of navy, a moulded spacer bra, spacer bras seem to be growing in popularity, they are  a good alternative for people who do not like a padded bra but they are conscious of wearing a none padded (which I can agree with at times, winter can be far too chilly for some bras!)   
Next up could be a hit or a miss, the bra in itself looks amazingly decadent with intricate gold embroidery, the matching briefs are a little different, the print could be off putting in the place it is but once seeing on the model it wasn't as bad as it first seemed, see below and let me know your thoughts.

Next on my list is the Ava, one bra I miss a great deal is the Andorra plunge, it was discountined a while ago and while the Andorra still remains popular it isn't a shape I get along with, the higher gore paired with the complete coverage isn't something that agrees with my breast shape which is why Ava excited me simply because she is based on the plunge Andorra, and I love grey so this should be a winner.

Envy another best seller for panache, is making a return in a stunning shade of blue which hasn't pictured that well for me which is a shame, but here it is, what is a slight disappointment is the matching high waisted shaper brief will not be coming in this colour, 

My one pick from the panache black collection is the Etta, sleek and black, with a detail that could be something that is visible under a vest top, 

And lastly I couldn't do a panache post without mentioning the award winning sports bra, which will be expanding it's size range later this year, with some band sizes heading up to a J cup great news for many, but don't be downhearted if your size isn't available, while it may not be around now, panache is a great brand for listening to customer feedback, this expansion has come about through feedback and if there is the demand I'm sure they would possibly look towards testing out even more sizes. 
Two great ones coming out is the neon pixel which is a favourite of mine, and the blue marl, the latter only coming in the non wired style.

All in all this has to be one of my favourite panache seasons for a while and I look forward to trying out a lot of the pieces this time.

Let me know your favourites in the comments section below. 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Surrender to Scantilly

Kicking off my Moda posts this time I am starting with a brand that was a little under wraps last time round, a small collection has gained a few pieces and is slowly coming out of it's shell and what a shell it is!

Scantilly come from the people behind Curvy Kate, and is pretty much the naughty older sister and when I say naughty I really mean it! These pieces are not for the faint hearted, there's peek a boos, bottomless briefs and even something that can leave you all wrapped up. 

The Scantilly brochure is a prized possession, each piece comes with it's own story, with each day bringing about a new parcel for our lovely model Lottie, who makes the pieces look amazing. 
 Seeing the pieces brought to life on the lovely Laura Butler this time (Last Moda we saw Lottie) 

I'm going to start with my favourite piece, having seen Peek A Boo in black in AW15 seeing it in red I fell in love right away, red is a favourite colour of mine I knew I HAD to have this, (I've even joked that I will be stalking all the sites selling it and if it sells out before I can get it I'll make my way to Scantilly offices and beat their door down! I love it so much) 

So unfortunately the colour isn't as showing as much as it should do in my photos, its an amazing vibrant red, (see end of the post for the black version out in AW15 on Lottie)

Onto the cheekier side and the AMAZING bottom! See why they called it Peek A Boo?! Now this may not be too everyone tastes but if we are being completely honest these aren't your everyday briefs, the set does come with briefs that do have a covered bum, for those times where you need to cover yourself but for those cheekier moments I think these will be perfect.

Next for the season is the AMAZING real demi cup Invitation, I say real demi cup because it very low so would defiantly not be a bra for everyday purposes as they could be a hint of nip (as Laura said) 

This was an accidental shot! But I think it's perfect ;)

The exquisite detailing on this set is what sells it for me the lace is amazing, soft and perfectly matched to the pink satin of the cups and then the rose gold 'S' are all it need to give it elegance yet sex appeal.

Finally a piece to Surrender yourself too, 

The last piece in the new collection includes a basque to figuratively die for, rose gold embroidery and a harness type strappy detail along the top of the cup, I think this is going to be a big seller for the brand and I do wonder if thats the aim with the piece. 
The collection itself screams decadence and seduction, it's nice to see styles like this in these sizes, Scantilly is limited to 30-38 DD-HH and bottoms are S-XL but please this is a new brand only just coming out this AW15 (the three styles mentioned in this post are SS16) 
And the marketing strategy is genius, within the elusive brochure each piece in each part of the collect so AW15 starts on Monday and is about a parcel of delectable underwear being delivered each day from an unknown sender, and we are hoping to figure out who the sender is, the story makes it's way to Saturday where in the SS16 collection where #ScantillyTales will take place and a competition to finish the story of Scantilly will happen. I shall post more details on this when the time arrives. But for now, which pieces are people looking forward to? And more importantly what do you ladies think? Would you wear any of the pieces? 

(here's a quick look back on AW15 with Peek A Boo in Black, Pounce and All Wrapped Up)